This Guy Owned '' For An Entire Minute Before Google Realised

Sanmay Ved experienced something of a shock when on the 29 September 2015 for one whole minute, he became the sole owner of

The ex-Google employee was up late scrolling through domain names (we all need a hobby), when he discovered that was actually available.

Utterly bemused at what he saw in front of him, Ved tested the water and tried to buy it. It worked.

How much did it cost him? The princely sum of just $12 a year, that's all. Ved received the official notification saying that ownership had been granted to him and the amount was removed from his account.

What's even more amusing is that Google actually runs the domains service so had essentially sold itself to Ved.

In a blog post on LinkedIn, Sanmay goes on to explain that after that things took a turn for the slightly surreal as he realised he was starting to get access to some of the Webmaster privileges that come with owning a domain.

This included highly confidential information about the website and its respective sites, something with Ved then immediately alerted his former employer about.

The entire ordeal was over in minutes though as Google quickly clocked on and cancelled the transaction. For one minute though, Ved held power over one of the largest companies in the world.

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