Indian Leopard Gets Head Stuck In Pot For Five Hours

This Leopard Has Redefined The Meaning Of Pothead

This leopard has redefined the meaning of pothead, after getting stuck inside a metal tin for five hours.

The confused and frightened animal was filmed wandering around in a village in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan.

Locals are used to seeing the spotted large cats and the state is known for its forests where the creatures roam free.

The leopard was left wandering around

Locals took pictures of the distressed animal

According to local reports the animal was foraging for water when it got its head stuck inside the vessel.

Passersby were resigned to taking pictures, after attempts to help were thwarted as the blind animal would lash out at them with its claws.

When Wildlife officials arrived on the scene they tranquilised it before removing the pot from its head.

After the ordeal the leopard seemed unaffected by the dramatic events and walked away in a healthy state.

Although it will probably think twice about where it forages water from in the near future.


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