England's Rugby World Cup Defeat Prompts Insane Reaction From Daily Mail Reader

UPDATE: The comment was actually posted after England's defeat to Wales - point still stands though...

England are out of the rugby World Cup - the first time a host nation has ever crashed out in the group stages since it began.

The nation is in mourning on Sunday but one person in particular took the news very badly indeed.

The post reads: "Why should we continue to pay for and support a tournament that we're no longer in. We should shut the whole thing down immediately and if these nations want their so-called World Cup let them have it elsewhere.

"This is no different from the anti-English bias at the Eurovision Song Contest. Now they even let Italians and their sort on the X Factor. Time to quit the EU FOR EVER."


England were roundly scuppered by Australia 33-13 on Saturday evening.

Captain Chris Robshaw said: "We feel we let the country down today. We apologise to them."

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