Dog Steers Electronic Car With Toddler Passenger: People Think It's Fake - For Mind Boggling Reasons

A video of a dog steering an electronic car with a toddler in the passenger seat has confused the Internet.

Jessica Wolf uploaded the video of a boy called Oliver and a dog called Daisy in an electronic car. In the clip the dog appears to steer the vehicle around a driveway without crashing for one minute.

But is the dog actually driving?

Wolf explained: "Daisy loves to drive Oliver around in their car. Yes the car is a remote controlled car which I use to accelerate and stop (neither of them can reach the peddles... haha). Yes she is really steering it."

Viewers aren't convinced the dog is steering, but some of the reasoning that has led them to conclude the video is faked is baffling.

One person commented: "That boy has a lot of the same facial features as the dog."

Another person wrote: "Clearly the dog isn't driving. It's someone dressed as a dog driving."

Another commenter decided to study the video in detail, writing: "Not to ruin the fun but, the video is a completely fake.

"I know the description says that the car is remote controlled to accelerate and stop, but the dog is not steering at all. At 0:25 the steering wheel turns clockwise (to the right) for the dog to pull that off it would either have to move its left paw to the right side or use it right paw to pull the steering wheel."

But not everyone is bothered as to whether Daisy has really mastered the art of steering, with one person writing: "I find this absolutely adorable. You deserve million views for this."

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