Inventor Builds 9-Feet Tall Iron Man 'Hulkbuster' Costume With Actual LASERS For Eyes

Thomas DePetrillo is man who looks at the Avengers and realises that life is cruelly unfair. Why is that these actors get to feel like superheroes when the rest of us are only allowed to watch from afar.

DePetrillo took matters into his own hands and 1,600 hours later he produced this majestic creation:

The HulkBuster mobility test 3

Here it is, more than 1600 hours of work, Standing at 9'6" tall and weighing in at OMG to much...The HULKBUSTER ! Click like if you enjoyed, share if you liked :) Photography by Ian Travis Barnard photography with Thomas DePetrillo and Quin Mae

Posted by Extreme Costumes on Thursday, 1 October 2015

For those of you that aren't aware it's the 'Hulkbuster' suit from both the Iron Man comics and the latest Avengers movie 'Age of Ultron'.

As you can see it's fully working, stands at over nine feet tall and has actual lasers for eyes. We're pretty sure Iron Man didn't have lasers for eyes but we'll forgive DePetrillo if he let his enthusiasm get the better of him.

Let me tell you, this isn't a rendering. My dude Tom is a beast and has crafted one of the sickest costumes I've ever...

Posted by Ian Travis Barnard photography on Wednesday, 30 September 2015

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