Plastic Bag 5p Charge Infographic Shows How The New Measures Will Affect England

As the plastic bag charge comes into force in England, the nation has been warned of the "chaos" that will ensue as confused shoppers will have to fork out a whole 5p for each carrier bag.

The move has been welcomed by environmentalists as the charge will reduce the millions of bags that end up in landfill each year.

But skeptics are panicking that families will not be able to afford the sheer cost of having to pay 5p for each bag every time they shop.

To put into perspective the effect plastic bags have on our environment and what England can expect from the new charge, the team at have produced an infographic (see below).

Welsh supermarkets have been charging 5p for a plastic bag since 2011 and, as a result, have seen 71% fewer single plastic bags used and a 57% reduction in the overall use of all bags due to a rise in reusable bags for life.

Furthermore, the 5p charges have raised an estimated £17 to £22 million in donations to good causes, the infographic reveals.

Using the Welsh statistics, the infographic predicts that England can expect to use 5.4 billion fewer single use bags and between £425 and £550 million raised for good causes by the 5p charge.