Oreo Construct Giant Adults-Only Rainbow Slide In Manchester City Centre

Northerners, rejoice!

A huge rainbow slide is going to be installed in Manchester city centre, to ensure that morning and evening commutes are not so rainy and dull.

The ride will see adults travel through a huge Oreo cookie which will be installed at a busy train station in the northern city.

You could be this happy on the way to work

The stunt will only be in the city for one day only and will also travel to further cities in the UK, including Sheffield and London.

The construction is in aide of the company's new product Golden Oreo which were released last month.

Daniel Kessler, brand manager at Oreo said: "The fact that so many of us admit to enjoying playground rides inspired us to indulge our playful side and set-up some fun slides for commuters to enjoy."

The slide in its full glory

To grab a slice of the fun you'll need to be at Manchester's Victoria Station from 8am to 6pm on 7 October.

You don't want to miss this one...

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