"Just waiting for the unicorn to trot past."
He delighed viewers as the host of the kids' show for almost 20 years.
"The companies can still bounce back if they are strategic."
In times of political turmoil and uncertainty over the future, what the world really needs is to hear from the most prestigious
The adventure of the rainbow clerical shirt began with a child's painting displayed in the window of John Lewis in Exeter. I was walking past and my eye caught a six-year-old's picture that appeared to be of a vicar in a multi-coloured, vertically striped shirt. "What a great idea," I thought. And then, "But I bet no one's making them."
'The rainbow was only that close for a minute.'
A family managed to capture the moment they found the end of a rainbow after a burst of rain on a sunny day.  Jessica Schinke
Rod, Jane and Freddy found fame on 'Rainbow'.
1980s children’s favorites Rod, Jane and Freddy of 'Rainbow' fame have come full romantic circle, with news that Jane, once