Daimler Tests Self-Driving Truck On Germany's Autobahn

A Truck Just Drove By Itself On Germany's Busiest Motorway

Driving in the fast lane of a motorway usually requires a certain level of mental power and dexterity.

However, on Friday an autonomous truck took to Germany's Autobhan and proved that machines are just as good at driving as humans are.

The public test was a first and it involved a Mercedes-Benz Actros being equipped with an intelligent 'Highway Pilot System.'

Daimler said its technology is not meant to replace drivers but rather help with long stretches of monotonous driving.

During the experiment, a driver was able to give the truck control at the press of the button.

The vehicle was then able to stay in its lane, monitor traffic while also speeding up or braking to keep an optimal distance between itself and the vehicle in front.

At crucial junctions where traffic was busy or when the automated system encountered roadworks, the driver was able to take over by switching off the Highway Pilot System.

The underlying technology uses a range of sensors that can detect drowsiness as well as a radar and a stereo camera that does not require the internet to function.

In a statement, Daimler said:

"The Highway Pilot does not replace the driver, but supports and relieves the strain on them by dealing with monotonous stretches for them and taking care of annoying stop-and-go driving in a traffic jam. In automated mode the driver has control over the truck at all times and in tricky situations can take over driving of the vehicle again."


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