Michael Gove Accuses Andrew Neil Of 'Showboating' In Feisty TV Exchange


Michael Gove accused Andrew Neil of "showboating" during a tense TV interview on Tuesday, after the BBC presenter challenged him on the government's record on house building.

The justice secretary was told by Neil that the Conservatives had a 'lamentable” record when it came to housebuilding. But Gove said the figures being quoted were being quoted "selectively".

Gove said: “What you are not doing is forensically trying to get to the point. What you are doing is showboating in a way that a great debater like you is brilliant at, but which is not illuminating the argument for the viewer."

"You are not discussing the realities of planning reform, you are not engaging with the reality of banking finance, you are not acknowledging the scope and the scale of the damage done to household incomes as a result of the great recession.

"Now that may be entertaining television, but it is not in the true spirit of the BBC. It is entertainment, but not information."

Neil responded: "“The viewers will decide who is showboating Mr Gove and who is using facts."

At the end of the interview, Neil joked to Gove: "I really enjoyed that, I hope you come back." The justice secretary replied: "Andrew, I always enjoy talking to you."

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