Video Captures Swedish Fighter Jet Landing On A Narrow Country Road In Finland

Country roads and fighter jets rarely meet. That's because neither is designed for the other.

However, a Swedish fighter jet pilot has changed this, managing to make a perfect landing on a country road in Finland.

According to The Aviationist, it was part of a training exercise dubbed Baana 2015.

The project, which took place between September 19 to 26, was reportedly a challenge for pilots who had to land their aircraft in overcast conditions.

However, all appears to have gone well as the Swedish Air Force Gripen pilot managed to touch down safely.

This type of training was carried out in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe during the Cold War, The Aviationist notes.

The objective of Baana 2015 was presumably to train pilots to take off and land in any condition. Mission accomplished. Bravo!

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