Vvatch Is A Never-Ending Stream Of Viral Videos That Will Consume Your Life

We Clicked On This Link And Immediately Lost An Hour Of Our Lives

You come to and look around, the office is staring at you. Their blank stares like a social cricket bat to the face as you try and work out what just happened.

No, you didn't pass out. What you've just experienced is the after effect of watching four hours of mindless and amusing viral video content all served up with terrifying ease through the medium of Vvatch.

This HR nightmare is a website which quite simply takes every viral YouTube video in existence and then merges them into one continuous channel.

Sounds utterly petrifying doesn't it and yet, the moment you click on that link it is a cosmic certainty that you'll lose 20 minutes of your life by default.

It's not just the choice of videos, it's the fact that one minute you'll be watching a bunch of monkeys singing and then the next will be a man bellowing out classical music in the shower while smoking an e-cigarette.

Absurd? Absolutely. Addictive? Entirely.

Now, if you're ready to enter the black hole of internet TV then click here.


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