Woman Mistakes Superglue For Eye Drops And Seals Eye Shut

A Florida mother-of-two was left temporarily blind in one eye after accidentally squirting super glue into it.

Katherine Gaydos told WPBF she had been standing close to someone using a leaf blower when “Something blew into my eye. I screamed for someone else to get eye drops out of my purse and they brought super glue and poured it in my eye.

“As soon as I felt it burn I closed my eye and screamed and called 911.”

Katherine Gaydos was left temporarily blind in one eye

The 28-year-old says she saw a doctor who said she may need surgery, but claimed he postponed treatment because she didn’t have the funds to pay for it.

"He was talking about doing surgery to try and save my eye, but now I don't know what to do - I don't have a job, no insurance or any money.”

More than a week after the accident, Gaydos’ eye remained glued tightly shut, but help arrived after her plight went public.

She says another doctor has contacted her since and that her eyelid has now been pried open.

“He said I should get my sight back and not have permanent damage,” she said.

Earlier last month ABC13 reported a three-year-old boy had his eye accidentally glued shut by a doctor’s receptionist.

Julia Vavatsikos had tried to get help for her son after he received a cut on his eyelid from the family cat.

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