Citizen Mars Episode 5: The Ultimate Shopping List For Living On Mars

Mars is cold, inhospitable and ultimately wants to do everything it can to kill you. Just spend the time watching 'The Martian' and you'll quickly realise that anyone who wants to live there clearly has a very odd definition of the word 'vacation'.

Despite all of this, a group of 100 people have decided that's precisely what they want to do, and to add insult to injury, they're prepared to never come back.

This is the Mars One Project, an ambitious dream that wants to send a group of people to go and live on Mars.

To even have a hope of doing something as monumentally difficult as this though there are some fundamental hurdles that need to be overcome because right now, it's just not possible.

So what's the shopping list for a trip to Mars?

100 applicants are left, of which just 24 finalists will be chosen.

In the fifth and final episode of a new five-part series, Citizen Mars will meet these people, try to understand the motives for their applying and ultimately better understand the kind of person that's willing to give everything up on the off chance that should the money be raised they'll be leaving Earth forever.

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