Facebook's 'On This Day' Feature Will Let You 'Erase' Those Bad Memories

Facebook's New Feature Lets You Filter Out The Bad Times

Facebook's 'On This Day' feature is both the best and worst of times.

That little notification can be the bearer of great news like that time when you when paragliding on your 'gap yah', or when you first became friends with the reprobate you now call a housemate.

OR it can be the bearer of terrible news such as the revelation that it was only four years to the day that you decided it would be a brilliant idea to stay out and have one more drink.

It wasn't a brilliant idea and frankly you don't want to be reminded of it. Well thankfully Facebook is here to help.

Its 'On This Day' feature can actually be customised to 'erase' the memories you would really rather forget. Simply by choosing either people or dates to block, Facebook will then make sure that it only reminds you of the good times.

The new settings have presumably been added after the feature came under some fire for being fairly nondescript with the material it reminded you of.

Facebook's hoping that by handing the memory over to you 'On This Day' will become more of a pleasant experience than one to dread.

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