Plastic Bag Charges: Man Gets Trolley Stealing Tattoo To Push 'Banter To The Next Level'

A shopper who stole a trolley to avoid the 5p carrier bag charge has found a more permanent way to let his disapproval be known, a move he says is aimed at "pushing the banter to the next level".

Aden Brown got his tattoo artist auntie to ink a stick man pushing a loaded trolley with the words, "5p bags! Fc#k that. £1 trolley", on his thigh.

The 26-year-old celebrated the new artwork by posting a picture of it online. It was captioned: "Just to top this banter off the money I saved from not using the bags I got this. Thanks Tesco every little helps." It has gained over 600 likes.

Aden Brown has had a stick man pushing a trolley loaded with groceries tattooed on his thigh to 'push the banter' on the 5p bag charge

Aden, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, faced a backlash earlier this week for posting a photo of a grocery-laden trolley which he stole from his local Tesco.

Brown, a DJ who goes by the name DJ Vibe, told the Western Daily Press he has since returned the trolley which he took for "shits and giggles".

He said: "It was a joke between me and five of my mates. I said to the lady who served me, 'I ain't paying for bloody bags.'

"I said, 'I'm pinching a trolley', knowing nothing would be done. I thought it would be really funny."

Brown posted a picture of his new tattoo on Facebook

Brown told the newspaper he got the tattoo to "push the banter to the next level".

He claims it was his aunty, who works at Voltz Tattoo Studies, idea. Naturally he thought the suggestion was "brilliant".

He added: "I thought, 'fuck it'."

Brown went on to explain the artwork and its meaning to the newspaper: "I decided to write a quote with it because I thought that if someone looked at it they wouldn't know what it was for."

Of his other tattoos Brown said he had "religious tattoos and other important stuff, and I've even got a willy tattooed on my bum in memory of a friend who had his member shut in a door".

The Western Daily Press story ended with some sage words from Brown: "I love my life. I'm always doing random things.

"People are too serious, but it's all just a bit of banter. It is all I live for."

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