The Secret Trick To Preserving Your iPhone Battery

iPhone battery life is the bane of all ours lives. The instant panic when your phone hits five percent is a feeling shared by many around the world.

However, there is a trick to keeping your phone alive for a little bit longer and it's known as the Low Power Mode.

For most iPhone iOS 9 users, the option automatically comes on when our phones hit 20 percent.

low power mode

According to Boy Genius Report however, keeping this mode switched on at all times can increase your battery life by four hours.

All you have to do is go into Settings, Battery and switch on Low Power Mode.

While we all like the idea of saving power, there are some disadvantages to having this mode on the whole day. This includes mail fetch not working, a dimmer screen and apps not refreshing.

However, if the mere thought of not being able to charge your phone the entire day sends you into a panic, all of the above are small sacrifices to make.

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