Closing Your Apps To Save Your iPhone's Battery Life Is A MYTH

Well here's a bombshell. It turns out that all those hours of endless swiping is actually doing your iPhone more harm than it is good.

Tech expert Scotty Loveless has revealed that swiping away your apps on iOS can actually worsen the iPhone's battery life rather than making it better.

Why? Well the iPhone is actually incredibly good at managing your apps and their power consumption so when you don't close it, Apple will freeze the app, allowing you to then re-open it later with less power consumption than if you opened it from scratch.

So by swiping upwards you're actually removing that ability, forcing the app to start from the beginning while using more battery life.

The misconception comes from the fact that other operating systems such as Android will have those apps running in the background.

Loveless does point out that it's not a perfect system though, apps that are using location services will still run in the background so could be using battery.