Donald Trump Rally Turns Violent As Supporters Clash With Anti-Racism Activists

NEW YORK -- What’s the outcome of preaching bigotry? Violence. Whether it’s the credulous being corralled or those being persecuted, playing to base human fears of otherness usually leads to confrontation, as displayed on Wednesday at a rally for Donald Trump in Richmond, Virginia.

A Trump supporter scuffles with a protestor during a rally in Richmond

After student immigration activists at the event heckled the Republican presidential frontrunner, Trump supporters jumped in, attacking the protesters. One was caught on tape swearing and spitting in the face of a Hispanic demonstrator.

Reported by AFP, some Trump supporters pushed the activists and grabbed their signs. “Go back where you came from!” one Trump supporter yelled. Police escorted the protesters out of the building.

Protestors are wrestled out of the venue as Trump speaks to a rally

Speaking outside the rally, one activists explained their demonstration: “We just had to show him that here we don't stand for racism. He's just playing on xenophobia and hatred towards people from minorities.”

This is what happens when you dehumanize members of society for political gain. And how has Trump done that? By promising to expel illegal immigrants, to build a wall on the US-Mexico border and proposing to repeal the right to US citizenship of the children of undocumented immigrants.

Demonstrators interrupt the rally

Trump still leads in national polls however Ben Carson is rapidly closing in, according to a recent Fox News survey. The latest numbers place Trump on top with 24 percent, closely followed by Carson at 23 percent. Ted Cruz is third with 10 percent.