Engine Breaks Apart In Passenger Video Onboard Sky Airline Flight 112

Passenger Captures Terrifying Moment Plane Engine Falls Apart During Take Off

A passenger has captured the heart-stopping moment an airliner's engine begins to fall apart during take off.

The terrifying video, above, shows the Airbus A319 powering down the runway at Chile's Santiago Airport just before metal surrounding its left engine begins to break off.

The passenger continues to film the engine disintegrating as the plane begins to lift skyward during its take off roll.

The plane returned to the airport within minutes and landed safely without further incident.

The video highlights the lack of options available to pilots when incidents occur at high-speed on the runway.

Once a plane reaches its rotation speed - the pace at which it is able to lift into the air - a pilot must continue, regardless of the situation, as the ability to abort the procedure is not available.

Flight 112 was on its way to Copiapó-Chamonate Airport, 821 km north of the capital.

Britain's Aviation Accident Investigation Bureau has previously investigated problems with the A319's cowling cover after a panel fell from a British Airways flight out of Heathrow.

No injuries were reported and an investigation into the cause of the problem is ongoing.

HuffPost UK has contacted Airbus for comment.

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