Koko The Gorilla Meets Her New Kittens And The Entire World Clears A Lump From Their Throat

Koko The Gorilla Meeting Her New Kittens Is Everything You Need From Life

If this doesn't get you then you may want to visit the doctor to complain about your missing heart.

Koko the gorilla - famous for her incredible sign language repertoire - turned 44 this week and as a gift she was presented with some kittens.

Cue possibly the sweetest thing ever committed to film.

Koko was instantly smitten with Ms Gray and even signalled to staff at the Gorilla Foundation who look after to place one on her head.

The amazing Koko can use 1,000 signs and understands about 2,000 spoken English words.

Here she is responding to a sad movie.

And below is a superb video of her meeting Robin Williams.


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