KOCO's Alex Housden made the racist comment to Jason Hackett after a story about a primate at the Oklahoma City Zoo.
She even got to personally push the button to transfer the funds.
Yesterday, after school, my family and some friends decided to take a pleasant short trip to ZSL London Zoo. What started as a treat with five children constantly complaining about being hungry (despite being plied with food) turned into DISASTER... The hilarity was the group of people watching the Zoo through the glass frontage. I think they expected Kumbuka would come belting across the courtyard, Planet of the Apes style, riding Captain BeeGee (ZSL's cycloptic Llama) with a keeper's rifle in his meaty digits.
It's the world's largest living primate.
The eastern gorilla is now just one step away from extinction after it was classified as critically endangered in the Red
So I went to do a run of shows and festivals in Australia, shortly after the whole 'Harambe' incident and found myself longing
In my opinion however, society would be a far worse off place without the existence of modern zoos. It is time to celebrate and promote the richness of these resources for the communities, environment and biodiversity - not turn people away from them.
'Looking back, we would make the same decision to shoot the gorilla.'
The zoo behind the shooting dead of a critically-endangered gorilla after a child fell into its enclosure has defended its