ASOS 'Halloween' Bindis Spark Cultural Appropriation Debate

ASOS 'Halloween' Bindis Spark Cultural Appropriation Debate

Cultural appropriation has become a hot topic in the fashion and beauty world of late, and ASOS are the latest company to spark an online debate.

The issue started when the website labelled a range of bindis by brand In Your Dreams as Halloween items.

The packaging makes no reference to the Bindis being intended for use on Halloween, or as part of a costume, and many shoppers took to Twitter to express their distaste at the ASOS marketing.

ASOS replied to one Twitter user today, tweeting the below message as a response to the question above from Rawnie Cally.

But it's not the first time the website has come under fire for cultural appropriation.

In a response to this article, a spokesperson for ASOS told HuffPost UK Style: "In Your Dreams is one of the brands available on It is never our intention to knowingly offend anyone, therefore these products will be removed from"

We have also reached out to In Your Dreams for comment and will update this feature on reply.


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