Cat Bags By Japanese Designer Pico Are So Lifelike It's Creepy

Ever wished you could convince your cat to ride around on your shoulder all day? Well, now you can fool people into thinking you can...

Seriously. Thanks to Japanese artist Pico, who has created a range of freakishly lifelike cat bags.

Modelled on her feline pets, the bags are incredibly realistic - handcrafted from faux fur and spray painted with individual markings before fastenings, zips and straps are added.

Not forgetting the creepy staring plastic eyes, of course.

Fancy getting your paws on one? Prepare to spend around £360 for one of her creations, available for sale on Yahoo Auctions.

Pico's bags have already racked up thousands of likes and retweets and social media, but what we're really keen to see is what our cat would make of the things if we brought them into the house.

We can't help but feel the bags wouldn't last very long in the inevitably ensuing cat fight...

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