Facebook iOS App Blamed For Abysmal Battery Life

Facebook users have taken aim at the company for the iOS app's insatiable appetite for battery charge.

The fault came to the fore when product developer Matt Galligan said the app accounted for 15 percent of battery drain despite him disabling background app refresh.

Security researcher, Jonathan Zdziarski, later waded into the conversation and said that some of the blame could lie with the app's location sharing abilities.

Tweeting a possible solution, he said: "If Facebook is killing your battery, try turning off location sharing in Facebook, and that may very well improve things."

He added: "The ridiculous amount of analytics alone in Facebook should be enough to drain your battery, never mind location sharing."

However, Facebook told The Huffington Post UK: "The issue is not caused by improper background location collection.

"We are not collecting background location on iOS unless Location Access is set to Always on your device and you have enabled Location History in the Facebook app.”

Galligan, who initially wrote about the problem said the fix is unlikely to be an easy one for Facebook.

Comparing battery usage between apps, he said that "even the resource hog Safari drained 3 percent less over the last week despite being on the screen for half an hour more."

He later added: "The above problem may not be an “easy” fix for Facebook and the way their app is built."

We wait with bated breath for the solution.

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