Milo Yiannopoulos' Sexist Sandwich Tweet Gets Absolutely Owned By The Internet

Journalist's Sexist Sandwich Tweet Gets Torn Apart On Twitter

A guy who shared a "sexist" sandwich tweet to the masses on a day he dubbed #WorldPatriarchyDay has been well and truly done over by the internet.

And it's a glorious sight to behold.

"Journalist" Milo Yiannopoulos posted the offensive photo on 18 October which comprised of a chopping board with supposed sandwich ingredients laid out.

The caption read: "Well, bitch? I'm waiting."

But Yiannopoulos didn't seem to realise at the time that if you're going to tell a joke that's been made 100 times before and offends the majority of women, then at least make sure people can't tear you apart for it.

Yiannopoulos' tweet was picked up by Twitter user @TheShrillest, who realised that the journalist's choice in sandwich ingredients was, quite frankly, terrible.

From that moment, Twitter erupted and plenty of users jumped at the chance to tweet ridiculous sandwich combinations, Milo-style.

Hey presto, the #MiloSandwich - a sarnie consisting of nonsensical ingredients - was born.

After numerous tweets were sent to @TheShrillest, Yiannopoulos had to have the final say. He tweeted about his defeat:

And then added:

There's no hope for some.

[H/T Metro]

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