Stingray's Barb Removed From Fisherman's Foot In Gruesome Footage (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

This is the gruesome moment that a fisherman had a stingray's barb removed from his foot.

The graphic scenes show the sword-like sting pierced through the unfortunate man's limb, before the doctor attaches tweezers and begins to pull it out.

When he removes the impalement, blood gushes from the wound and the medical team rush to stem the flow.

The barb can be seen sticking up through the man's ankle

The patient can be heard groaning as the remainder of the spike is slowly pulled from his leg, until eventually the barb is removed entirely.

It's not known who the patient is - or where the medical video was filmed - but the people in the footage can be heard communicating in Portuguese.

The title of the video, originally uploaded to YouTube describes the man as a fisherman who had stepped on a ray whilst in the sea.

Stingray attacks don't occur very often and they are widely considered to be peaceful fish. When the incidents do happen, its usually the ankles and lower legs of beachgoers that get caught.

This is because people can accidentally step on a ray buried in the sand, frightening the fish to flip its dangerous tail.

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