McDonald's Customer Served Big Mac With Bite Already Taken Out Of It By Unhappy Consumer

A McDonald's customer got a little less than she bargained for when she ordered a Big Mac - as it already had a bite taken out of it.

Lakyn Taite-Allen was "shocked" and "appalled" after unwrapping the burger she bought from a franchise, in west Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday.

Writing on her Facebook page, Allen said she took the burger back after spotting the "unpleasant surprise" and claims a manager told her: "It's impossible for this to happen as if I had tampered with it or something.

She continued: "Well guess what I received not even an apology or an explanation I have two witnesses of what has happened and will be taking this further."

The Big Mac that Lakyn Taite-Allen was served in Auckland, New Zealand

Taite-Allen added that she had previously worked at McDonald's and knows what "fresh standards are", something she said the store had failed to meet.

She wrote: "The lettuce in this burger u (sic) to will probably agree that this is not fresh it looks old and even felt cold... everybody please help me to share my story so others don't go through this as well."

Taite-Allen told local media she suspected the burger had been "sitting there for more than a day".

She was quoted by New Zealand press as saying: "I'm kind of amazed that they served it like that. It was actually really ridiculous."

Layyn Taite-Allen said the burger looked like it has been "sitting there for more than a day"

McDonald's is said to have issued an apology to Allen after reviewing CCTV footage and noticing the burger had previously been served to another customer.

It admitted to Taite-Allen on Tuesday that the burger was served as a result of "human error", reported.

A statement from McDonald's read: "We have spoken with Lakyn, apologised for her experience and assured her that food safety is McDonald's number one priority.

"Whilst we consider this to be an isolated incident, we have taken the opportunity to reinforce with our crew the importance of following McDonald's standard operating procedures.

"When followed, we are confident these procedures assure that our food products are of a high quality."

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