Nigel Farage Asked If He Has Kissed A Man, Changed A Nappy, Killed Anything Or Lied

Nigel Farage Asked If He Has Kissed A Man

Nigel Farage was subjected to a quick-fire Q&A on the BBC's Daily Politics programme on Thursday, with presenters Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn hoping to find out whether he has ever kissed a man or killed anything big.

The Ukip leader was supposed to give just "yes" or "no" responses, but Farage manged to finesse his answers somewhat.

Q: Have you been drunk in the last month?

Farage: I can't remember.

Q Have you ever killed an animal bigger than an insect?

Farage: I think I have, yes.

Q Have you ever stolen anything?

Farage: I have borrowed things...

Q have you ever changed an nappy?

Farage: Yes, in extremis.

Q Have you ever kissed a man

Farage: Not in that way, no.

Q: Is Douglas Carswell cleverer than you?

Farage: Oh, in some ways, yes.

Q: Have you ever punched someone?

Farage: Oh yeah..

Q: Have you ever parked in disabled parking space?

Farage: No.

Q: Have you ever lied in an interview?

Farage: Oh yeah. Only on this programme.

Q:Have you ever flirted with an MEP

Farage: Well... I liked to think I am doing my bit in Europe to promote good relations between all different countries.


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