Fashion Hacks 2015: How To Stop Tights Laddering

Ripping tights is an age old problem. You'd think they'd have invented something to stop it happening yet, but there's nothing to protect those dangerously thin deniers from shredding as soon as you slip them on.


According to PureWow, a genius fashion hack exists that will stop your tights from laddering (unless you're super, super cack-handed).

The trick is to put them in your freezer. No we're not making this up.

Next time you buy a new pair, get them damp with water then place them in a plastic bag and freeze overnight. The next day, take them out and let them thaw out completely.

Apparently you only need to do this once, then you’re good to go. The cold temperature strengthens the tight's fibres, making them less likely to ladder from daily wear and tear.

Game. Changed.

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