MP Julian Sturdy 'Shocked To Find Drunk Man In Locked Parliamentary Office'

Drunk Intruder Gives Tory MP 'Shock Of His Life'

A Tory MP got "the shock of his life" when he found a drunk man in his locked office, it has been claimed.

Julian Sturdy, the MP for York Outer, arrived at his House of Commons office to find the man in his office chair, The Sun reported.

He is believed to have attended an event at the Palace of Westminster on Monday evening and somehow got into the office despite the fact it was locked.

One unnamed MP told The Sun: "Julian got the shock of his life when he opened up his locked office and found this guy slumped in the chair.

“Some pretty choice words came out of his mouth but the bloke just sat there... [He's] desperate to get to the bottom of how he got in the office – we all are."

Another MP told the paper: "It’s pretty scary that a bloke can be drinking in the bars one minute and then end up in an MP’s office the next... What if it had been someone with terrorist intentions."

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they arrested a 32-year-old man at the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday morning.

A spokeswoman told The Huffington Post UK: "We believe he had attended a social engagement in the Palace of Westminster on the Monday evening.

"We were called after he was found in an office. Nothing was taken and there was no breach of security."

The man was arrested on suspicion of trespass on a protected site and taken to Charing Cross Police Station. He was released with no further action.

The boozy culture of parliament is well known, with the Strangers' Bar selling drink at a discount to MPs, parliamentary staff and their guests.

Former Labour MP Eric Joyce was banned from buying alcohol in The Palace of Westminster in 2013, after he was arrested over a brawl in the bar.

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