British Soldiers Pictured Making Donald Trump 'Invasion' Pledge In Washington D.C.

It seems Donald Trump may have made a new enemy aside from his Republican rivals, and Hillary Clinton, as a battalion of the British Army declares it has invaded America to take him down.

As the hotels and casino magnate continues to ascend the opinion polls in the heated race for his party's nomination for U.S. President, the rest of the world has looked on in bemusement and increasingly with concern.

But a group of soldiers spending time in nation's capital Washington D.C. have quipped to a reporter that their trip aims to "save" the country from Trump's rule.

Independent Journal reporter Benny Johnson stumbled across the uniformed group as they visited D.C. over the weekend.

After taking a colourful snap for his Instagram, Johnson claims one of the soldiers quipped: "We saw Donald Trump was about to become President so we thought it was a good time to invade and help you out."

The joke went down well with Johnson's followers, and people on Twitter.

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