Network Rail Tweets Stark Warning As People Are Caught Taking SELFIES On Live Tracks

Network Rail have tweeted a terrifying picture of what appears to be people taking selfies while sitting on an active train track.

The shocking image shows what appears to be a mother taking a picture of her children sitting on the track rails. It was captured at Matlock Bath station and was just one of eight incidents captured at that station in one day.

Railway-related deaths reached a record high last year with 332 deaths recorded between 2014/15. Of those, 10 were involved in level crossings with two drivers among those dead.

Network Rail currently has over 6,000 level crossings in use, the company considers them a throwback from the Victorian era when trains were less frequent and considerably slower.

The company readily admits that if it had built the railways today it would not use level crossings at all.

Metlock Bath, the level crossing in question, has over 30 trains per day and sees over 500 pedestrians and cyclists make use of it.

Official advice for the crossing and indeed any level or foot crossing is:

  • Stop, Look and Listen for a train before opening the gate. If there is one coming then wait until it is has passed and you are sure there isn’t a second one approaching.
  • Once sure the track is clear, open the gate and walk across the track to the other side – without rushing. Make sure the gate is closed behind you.
  • If crossing in a large group, make sure there is enough time and space for everyone to cross safely. Always keep dogs on a lead when near the railway.

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