Halloween Pumpkin Carving: The Most American Way To Cut Them Open... With A Gun

It's that time of year again when Americans get over excited about Halloween.

As such, a person in the United States was recently filmed carving open a pumpkin using a gun and bullets alone.

According to the description of the video footage, it was shot during downtime whilst filming the BadSeeds Movie, which is a crowd-powered interactive film.

This person has gone to the extremes to carve open this pumpkin

The crewmembers thought it was a good time to get innovative and use the full-on method of pumpkin carving for a quick and easy result.

Using an automatic gun, the person can be seen firing at a medium sized pumpkin, carving a smiley face into the vegetable with the bullets of the weapon.

The filmmakers’ even claim that the experiment could become a new sport named Pumpkin speed carving.

Pumpkins come from an old Irish myth of a man named Jack who wasn't allowed into hell after his death.

Because the trickster was also banned from heaven, the story goes that Jack has been wandering the Earth with only a light in a hollowed-out turnip ever since.

The Scots and the Irish paid tribute to Jack by recreating his lantern with potatoes, turnips and beets on Halloween. When immigrants brought the tradition to the United States, they used the native pumpkin for their holiday carvings.

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