David Cameron Tells PMQs He Is A Feminist

David Cameron has said that he is a feminist.

Speaking during prime minister's questions on Wednesday, Labour MP Rupa Huq highlighted one of her constituents who had used a petition to get an exam board to include female composers in its school exam papers.

With that in mind, she asked Cameron: "Will he tell us if he a feminist?"

The prime minister replied: "If feminism means we should treat people equally then yes absolutely. I am proud of the fact i've got, sitting around the cabinet table, a third women sitting around the cabinet table. Something we promised and something we delivered."

In 2014, Cameron was criticised for not wearing a "this is what a feminist looks like" t-shirt for Elle article. The magazine's editor accused the prime minister of having "an issue with the word feminist".

Ed Miliband, when Labour leader, also made political milage out one edition of PMQs where the entire Conservative frontbench was male.

However Labour has recently had its own issues with gender. Jeremy Corbyn was criticised for handing to men the positions of shadow chancellor, shadow home secretary and shadow foreign secretary. Shadow business secretary Angela Eagle was swiftly promoted to shadow first secretary of state in response.

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