Dad Sends Son Inspirational Quotes Every Morning (Because He's Awesome)

business man eating breakfast with mobile
Tara Moore via Getty Images
business man eating breakfast with mobile

There's nothing worse than hearing your alarm clock go off in the morning - suddenly you're awoken from your warm, cosy slumber and faced with the grim reality of another day at work.

That's why one dad has been sending inspirational quotes to his son every single day, to help brighten his morning. And it's super adorable.

The son, known only as Opie, uploaded a screenshot to Reddit and the post has since gone viral, with more than one million views.

"Great attitude is like the perfect cup of tea - don't start your morning without it," his dad wrote on Tuesday.

But some users have commented on the fact that Opie does not text his dad back.

"He goes through all that trouble and you don't even bother to reply? Christ," wrote one.

"Talk to your dad. There will be a day that you wished you had, and it will be sooner than you think," wrote another.

But Opie assured users that he and his father have a great relationship and talk regularly, only over the phone rather than text message.

His father agreed: "I didn't want him to reply I wanted a whole string of those [inspirational quotes] for continuity so he could refer back to them as a list."

"He can call me if he wants to talk to me," he added. "I know my sin [sic] loves me."

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