Dad Turns Son's Wheelchair Into Epic Star Wars Snowspeeder For Halloween

This Dad's DIY Star Wars Halloween Costume For Son In Wheelchair Is Epic

A dad has created a seriously impressive DIY Star Wars Halloween costume for his son in a wheelchair.

Ryan Miller's son Jeremy has spina bifida, a condition which means his spine didn't fully form when he was in the womb.

Miller's son Jeremy is a huge Star Wars fan. So Miller turned Jeremy's wheelchair into a snowspeeder from The Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back film, complete with working flaps, guns that shoot glowing Nerf darts and working glow sticks.

Miller designed the costume himself based on photos he found on the Internet.

He created it out of foam board, PVC pipe, spray paint, bicycle brakes and duct tape.

"Jeremy saw it throughout the build process and every night he would have this open-mouthed look of shock. He couldn't wait to get in it," Miller told CNET's Crave blog.

"It took two weeks full of late nights and weekend work to complete the project."

Miller admitted he too was a huge Star Wars fan when he was a kid, so it made him "giddy-happy" to see his son so excited in it.

We've seen tons of DIY costumes before but this is by far the winner.