Parking Ticket Saviour Leaves Handwritten Note Besides Dollar Bills, Restores Our Faith In Humanity

Receiving a parking ticket can ruin a driver's day.

So when one woman saw the car parked next to her had been stung, she paid the charge and left a kind note behind to explain why.

The Good Samaritan, identified only as "Liz", wrote that she was having such a good day when she spotted the ticket on the car's windshield she didn't think twice before stumping up the cash.

She wrote:

"You don't know me, but I parked next to you this morning.

"When I got back to my car today I saw you'd gotten a ticket. I'm having a good day today [and] I don't want this to ruin yours.

"This one's on me. Pay it forward someday.

"Your (new) friend, Liz."

The note appears to have been left on a car parked in Seattle where the city council makes millions from parking fines each year.

Redditor Jargogler posted the image with the caption "Found this on my windshield" on Thursday.

Liz, you're one of a kind.