School Boy Takes Out Drone With Perfect Football Kick

A school boy in New Zealand has proven why footballs and drones should never be in the same vicinity together.

The student managed to spot the unmanned aerial vehicle flying high over his playground and take it out in one fell swoop.

In a video posted to YouTube by the production company KOR Creative, a Nike football can be seen approaching the drone via a well planned trajectory.

While a few commenters have noted that his skills were probably used as part of a PR stunt for the school, it is still an impressive feat.

The footage was being filmed in North Shore, New Zealand as part of a promotional video for the school.

Production manager Emma Wright told the Sydney Morning Herald, that boy's perfectly placed kick was unexpected.

"The biggest threat for a drone is seagulls," she said.

"I was more worried about a seagull hitting it [the drone] than a ball."

However, the school's principle, Nixon Cooper, was not too impressed as he told the paper that the stunt was "not behaviour that the school wishes to promote". Oh dear.