‘X Factor' Reject Ryan Ruckledge Dressed Up As ‘Dead Cilla Black' For Halloween And People Aren't Happy

A few weeks ago, the only reason any of us had heard of Ryan Ruckledge was for the fact he got hammered and subsequently axed from this year’s ‘X Factor’ bootcamp.


Now the wannabe is making a name for himself for something other than singing and dancing badly, thanks to his love of dressing up.

Yep, fresh from the backlash he faced after sharing a video and pics on social media of himself in full black-face makeup, Ryan is now at the centre of fresh controversy after dressing up as ‘dead Cilla Black’ for Halloween.

In a video he shared on Facebook, Ryan is seen wearing a pink blazer, black skirt and clutching ‘Blind Date’ cue card in his hands, but also sports a bruised eye and bloody legs.

Unhappy fans of Cilla quickly dubbed the costume ‘sick.’

“[You’re] sick she only died about 3/4months back???! [You] think that’s ok?! What she got to do with Halloween??!” one said.

Another added: “I'm all up for a joke but this is insensitive -she's only been gone a couple of months.”

“Hows it funny dressing up as a dead singer? You are definitely what Simon Cowell has said about you!” another said.

Not everyone was offended though, with some asking what the problem was.

"People need a sense of humour!" one said.

Another added: "I thought it was hilarious ! People need to lighten up and get a sense of humour."

Despite his outfit of choice, the 23-year-old defended his decision to dress up as the former ‘Blind Date’ presenter, who died in August at her Spanish villa.

“Anyone giving me shit needs to suck a shit out of my arse with a Capri sun straw!” he wrote on Facebook. “People go as dead Amy Winehous, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe! There isn't a "right" time to dress as someone who isn't alive they are unfortunately all still dead! I'm no different to anyone else! Cilla police pipe down!”

In another post, he added: “So both outfits I've worn have been criticised. Next year I'll go back to basics and wear a bin bag, glow in the dark teeth and them stick on fingers. I thought this country and banter and a sense of humour, obviously most don't!”

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