'X Factor' Ryan Ruckledge Claims Bootcamp Producers Encouraged Him To Get Drunk: 'Simon Cowell Has Ruined My Life'

'X Factor' Singer Claims He Was 'Stitched Up' By Producers

‘X Factor’ singer Ryan Ruckledge has hit out at the show, claiming he was “stitched up” by producers.

Ryan was unceremoniously axed from the competition during the first stage of Bootcamp, which aired over the weekend.

Viewers saw the aspiring singer falling out with the singers he was in a group with, and Ryan was also shown drinking vodka and swimming in the pool while his fellow hopefuls rehearsed for their group performance.

Ryan Ruckledge

His musical output left a lot to be desired, leading Nick Grimshaw to claim he was more interested in “fame” than being an artist,while and Rita Ora questioned whether he was “still drunk” from the night before.

Simon Cowell dealt the biggest blow, though, telling him: “Your attitude stank. You made yourself look like a complete idiot.”

However, Ryan has now hit back at the show, insisting that he had been encouraged to misbehave by producers.

He tells The Sun: “Simon Cowell has ruined my life. I got through the first stages because they liked my personality - and then I was told by the crew to get drunk so it would liven things up. I’ve been stitched up. It’s a complete nightmare.

“Why let us have free booze if they don’t want you to get drunk?"

Ryan made headlines earlier this year when he made a controversial appearance on ‘This Morning’, telling Phillip Schofield that he’d rather die than give up using illegal tanning injections.

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