What If Male Sports Stars Were Asked The Same Questions As Female Athletes?

"Can you give us a twirl?"

"Tell us about your outfit."

"Any response to recent comments about your 'girlish' figure?"

While male sports stars are asked about their training regimes and performances in competitions, female athletes face questions about their appearance in interviews far too often.

The above video by 'Cover The Athlete', an online campaign exploring sexism in sport, explores what would happen if the tables were turned.

"Something's wrong with media coverage of female athletes," Cover The Athlete's YouTube page reads.

"Sexist commentary, inappropriate interview questions, and articles commenting on physical appearance not only trivialises a woman’s accomplishments, but also sends a message that a woman’s value is based on her looks, not her ability. And it’s much too commonplace.

"It’s time to demand media coverage that focuses on the athlete and her performance, not her hair, clothes or body."

It's worth clearing up that the male athletes weren't actually asked these questions (heavens forbid) instead, the video is the product of clever editing.

The video takes responses from past interviews and pairs them with a question that would typically be asked of a female. The result goes to show just how ridiculous the media coverage of women in sport is.

Unfortunately it's not just female athletes that are subjected to questions their male counterparts would never be asked.

Earlier this year the #AskHerMore campaign called for reporters to ask actresses on the red carpet about more than their outfits.

And recently, HuffPost UK asked celebrities Robert Peston, Ben Fogle And David Baddiel questions women are typically asked in interviews - such as how long they take to get ready in the morning and how they balance a career and childcare - in order to highlight the differences.

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