PMQs: Watch Jeremy Corbyn Tell Jeering Tory MPs That Tax Credit Cuts Are 'Not Funny'

Jeremy Corbyn today hit back at Tory jeers during Prime Minister’s Questions as he reminded them the weekly bouts were not “about entertainment”.

The Labour leader faced jeers from the Government benches today as he again asked the Prime Minister about the impact of tax credit changes on millions of families.

He also had to try three times to pay tribute to Britain’s fallen soldiers ahead of this weekend’s Remembrance Day commemorations because of noise from the Tories.

Mr Corbyn responded to the heckling by saying: “This isn’t about entertainment, this is about…this is not funny for people who are desperately worried about what’s going to happen next April.”

Some Twitter users described the behaviour of the Tory MPs as sickening:

However, others felt that Mr Corbyn needed to push on with his questions as his hesitancy made him appear indecisive.