PMQs Today Without The Shouting: 4 November 2015

PMQs is back yet again, with the usual rowdy behaviour and a few of Jeremy Corbyn's famous death stares.

Here's everything that happened, without all that annoying shouting.

There was a rather shocking fashion choice:

Jeremy Corbyn turned back to the question the PM dodged six times last week, and still didn't get an answer:

But mostly it was hard to hear anything over the Tories shouting him down.

Things were generally back to the way they've always been at midday in the House:

And when asked about the possibility of a winter crisis, Cameron resorted to a soundbite:

Then he cracked out another shockingly bad joke:

In the end, it seemed like there were no winners:

Except people tweeting about it.

The PM had a question about Channel 4:

And as usual any question not from his own backbenchers was dodged: