How To Make The Perfect Cheese Toastie, According To Science

Nothing quite beats a cheese toastie on a cold winter's day - especially when it's made with crunchy bread and warm, soft cheese.

And now, thanks to the team at the American Chemical Society (ACS), we know how to create the perfect cheese toastie every time.

According to scientists, the secret to creating a toastie masterpiece is to find a cheese with the right pH level to perfectly balance out the calcium and protein structure of the dish.

If the pH is too low, the cheese will release all of its oils when heated, leaving you with clumpy cheese and soggy bread.

The ACS team recommend using cheese with a pH between 5.3 and 5.5 for optimum flavour, such as manchego, gruyere and gouda.

They say mild cheddar should also work fine, but avoid mature cheddar and processed cheddar squares. The latter tends to have a pH of 5.8 and melts too quickly.

Now go forth and munch toasties.

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