Miscarriage Risks Explained: Midwife Explains What Can Increase And Reduce Chance Of Early Baby Loss

Midwife On What Increases And Reduces Risk Of Miscarriage

Suffering a miscarriage can be traumatic and while it can't be prevented, there are things women can do to reduce the risk.

Midwife Chantelle Winstanley said one in five pregnancies can result in miscarriage, defined as the natural loss of pregnancy before the 24th week, during the first trimester.

"If a woman has a miscarriage during the first three months, it's normally a problem with the unborn baby," explained Winstanley.

Women who have a miscarriage during 14-24 weeks is less common, but is caused by a variety of issues including infections, problems with the placenta or a weakness in the cervix.

For women over 45, the risk of miscarriage is much higher.

"Even though you can't prevent it, you can reduce your chances of a miscarriage by cutting out smoking, alcohol, reducing caffeine and not misusing drugs," explained Winstanley.

"Women who are overweight are recommended to lose weight before pregnancy."

Winstanley said there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about what can cause a miscarriage, including lifting, having a stressful day, going to the gym and having sex. None of which are true.

Watch the video above to hear Winstanley discuss in more detail about the risk of miscarriage.