"While it can never replace anyone’s loss, this small change has bought me a sense of closure that I needed."
“You are naming him Gabriel?!” I demanded, practically shrieking. “Yes,” he said nonchalantly. “We like it. Why?”
"A quarter of pregnancies end in miscarriage. We are told to keep early pregnancies private in order to be spared the pain of sharing our loss."
"At the beginning of her second trimester, right after she’d started telling people she was pregnant, she began bleeding and cramping."
"Miscarriage is a great deal more than the experience of carrying and losing a baby. It can be the overpowering, shivering-on-the-floor, big things ... and it can be the small things."
“I knew in my gut that something was really wrong — we just couldn’t seem to figure out what it was.”
"I was getting older and was running out of options. I was 40 and wanted to be a mother."
“I hear a lot of people my age talk about how great their 30s were. For me, a lot of that decade is a blur.”
"Society has actually demanded that women navigate their despair in secrecy and proceed with life as usual."
"It’s ridiculous that the doctor thought I was safe to go home. But this scenario occurs too often, and this is exactly how tragedies can happen."