The Nintendo PlayStation Console Isn't Just Real, But It Actually Works As Well

The legendary Nintendo PlayStation console was, until earlier this year, considered to be nothing more than a mythical creature - born out of an awful collaboration between the two gaming giants.

Engadget was given exclusive access to the extraordinary games console and its owners ahead of the retro game expo being held in Hong Kong.

Following their hands-on we not only now know that it exists, but that it actually works as well, kind of.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) cartridges work just fine, Sony's CD-ROM attachment is however sadly refusing to work.

Owners Terry and Dan Diebold are hoping to get the console under the watchful eyes of an x-ray machine however to make sure that there's no booby traps and to hopefully locate the source of the problem.

The console was the result of a collaboration between Sony and Nintendo to create the first hybrid console that could play games using Nintendo's classic cartridge standard and Sony's new experimental CD-ROM.

Sadly, the Nintendo PlayStation never made it into production with both companies parting ways despite having built a fully working prototype.

What did happen though was Sony decided to press on with the PlayStation project and indeed just three years later the company unveiled the original PlayStation - a console that would go on to become a gaming icon.

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