Watch This Teenager Get Totally Flustered By A Landline

If you are looking to feel better about your age, don't watch this video of a teenager trying to figure out how to use a landline.

The clip begins rather innocently with a man, who appears to be in a hotel room, asking the receptionist for a wake-up call.

And yes, he is using the hotel landline to make the request. So far, the scene is all very normal.

He then asks his daughter, Leila, who standing right next to him to hang up the phone. And this is where we you should cover your ears and eyes or stop reading.

The young girl takes a moment, from sucking her red lollipop, to look up and asks him "how do you do that," as if that's a perfectly valid question.

This naturally evokes a disbelieving chuckle from her dad (and the Internet).

Leila, clearly oblivious to the gravitas of her question, get another nudge from her dad.

"It's a phone, hang it up," he tries to explain. At this point, the clueless teenager looks around for help and calls her mother, who was born in the age of landlines and resolves the matter quickly.

The entire episode ends with laughter from all sides but undoubtedly left quite a few viewers silently sobbing.

We now officially live in a world where people don't know how to use landlines. Sigh.