Cat Sits In Sainsbury's, Refuses To Give Up Shelf

The Brockley branch of Sainsbury's Local is having a slight crisis over an unwanted squatter taking up residence in the confectionery aisle.

According to Twitter user Jenny Stevens, a cat sauntered into the shop, found a nice spot under the Minstrels and refused to move.

Even with security picking the cat up and physically removing it from the store, the feline was back in the same spot shortly after.

The Sainsbury's Local branch in Brockley, South London

Video later emerged on Twitter appearing the show the animal wandering around the store.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, a Sainsbury's spokesperson said: "Looks like there was a mix up with our Kit Kat delivery today!"

A local resident told us the cat may be grieving for the loss of a feline friend.

"We used to have a cat called Softface, but he moved to Margate with his owner about 6 weeks ago," Alice Sanders told HuffPost UK. The Sainsbury's cat, who they called Mr Tinkles, was apparently involved with Softface.


"Sometimes they would fight so viciously we would hear screams in the wee small hours from the garden or the alley way behind the Sainsbury's," she added. "Once Mr Tinkles sat outside our sitting room window while Softface sat inside on the sill and they stared at each other for a full 40 minutes.

"Since Softface has gone, Mr Tinkles comes over to look for him. Sometimes he stares in through the sitting room window or comes up to the door with one of us coming home and stares into the hallway longingly. Obviously he is looking for Softface.

"Perhaps his life is meaningless without his arch nemesis, or perhaps they loved each other dearly and he misses their fierce role playing games. Clearly Mr Tinkles is staging a protest against Softface's absence in Sainsbury's. He's in the bargaining stage of grief."

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